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Furnace and Boiler Repair

Furnace and Boiler Replacement

Looking for a reliable and certified technician to help you with your furnace or boiler repair needs? Look no further than PAPA Enterprise, Heating, and Drainage. Our team of qualified gas fitters have been helping Vancouverites and those in the Lower Mainland keep their homes warm since 1996. So whether you need a brand new furnace installed or simply need some repairs done, we’re here to help. Give us a call today and let us show you why we’re the best in the business.

Some of our heating and gas fitting services include:

  • Furnace – replacement, repairs, and service
  • Boiler – replacement, repairs, and service
  • Same day furnace and boiler installations
  • We always conduct safety checks for carbon monoxide levels on all new installations

We always conduct safety checks for carbon monoxide levels on all new installations

As well as diagnosing heating problems, we perform repairs and replacements promptly and efficiently.

We repair leaks in radiant piping and replace and repair heat pumps.

Are you building a new home, development, or commercial building?

In addition to participating in the heating design for new construction projects, PAPA Enterprises experts have been involved in new home and commercial construction development. For expert insight into your heating needs when designing a home or commercial building, call PAPA Enterprises Plumbing, Heating, and Drainage.

We have a 24-hour Emergency Response team with 10 vehicles dedicated to after hours emergency services!

We can come to your residential or commercial plumbing emergency no matter what the hour or what the issue. With our large emergency fleet, you can rest easy knowing that a PAPA Enterprises team member will always be available to help you with your plumbing emergencies. Our plumbing, heating, and drainage services all feature Senior Technicians who have had over 35 years experience in the industry! You are always taken care of by PAPA!

Plus, did you know that we work closely with insurance and restoration companies for leak investigations and plumbing inspections? We are your trusted source for professional leak investigations and plumbing inspections.

Do you have any questions about our plumbing repair services? Call PAPA Enterprises today!

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